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Together, we will help clients unlock the value of their data to make better decisions and deliver transformational business results. 

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Bring the market’s best data management solution to your clients. Our lineage-first technology delivers value to any organization’s data ecosystem. Solve a range of challenges across data governance, regulatory compliance, data privacy, metadata management and more, and support business opportunities such as ESG, digital transformation and cloud migration. 

Integrate with ease

With an open and dynamic architecture, the Solidatus technology works seamlessly with existing and legacy infrastructure, extending the value of previous technology investmentsSolidatus’ wide range of out-of-the-box connectors, in conjunction with its powerful API, enable ingestion of metadata from all possible sources. 

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We value our partners for the additional expertize and complementary solutions we can bring to our clients, together. We seek to ensure mutually beneficial, meaningful, and symbiotic relationships, and we look forward to collaborating with other industry leaders for the long-term 

“Quicker than any other visualization tool on the market”

“We were hired to investigate data quality issues in tax data flows for a major insurance group. A fixed-rate project that we expected to take 9 man-months was completed in 3 using Solidatus. We used the remaining time to deepen the level of data lineage discovered to impress the client.”

Data Analytics Lead, Top Four Auditor


Solidatus unlocks the true business value behind data. A lineage-first approach enables organizations to connect and visualize data relationships across the enterprise, simplifying how they identify, access and understand them. With a reimagined, sustainable data foundation in place, organizations can mine actionable intelligence and solve complex problems to deliver transformational business results.

Solidatus is a member of the EDM Council.

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