“Most innovative data governance initiative”

Solidatus wins again at the A-Team Innovation Awards 2021 – recognized for our revolutionary approach to data governance and our success implementing effective solutions for clients.

Access, control and trust your data

Designed to deliver early success and sustainable data governance, Solidatus is the only tool on the market enabling true organization-wide understanding and control of data with its ground-breaking lineage-first approach.

Make better business decisions by harnessing the value of trusted data that is easy to find. Go beyond basic governance by adding data dimensions including data quality, ownership, sourcing, privacy and authority – all visualized in context – and demonstrate control through both a business and IT lens.

Automated data sharing

Global investment bank utilizes Solidatus to digitize complex policies and map to multiple
organizational processes

Trust your data

You can’t trust the quality of your data if you don’t know where it came from. Validate data quality with end-to-end flows, ensuring accuracy for compliance and business decisions.

Achieve collaborative data governance

Crowdsource knowledge, break down silos and leverage automation to seamlessly integrate sustainable data governance into the fabric of your organization.

Ensure compliance

Ensure your organization has the right data privacy framework to comply with laws such as GDPR and CCPA. With fully audited change management, have confidence in your regulated data.

Establish organization-wide understanding

Achieve consistency, track quality scores, categorize information and establish access rights with the Solidatus data catalog, business glossary, data dictionary and asset inventory.
Model: Data governance roles in data management

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Best Data Governance Solution”, DMI Awards 2020
“Game changing”, Gartner review

Solving your data governance challenges

In a data-centric enterprise data governance is everyone’s responsibility. Solidatus prevents common practical challenges that often lead to wasted resources and budget resulting in no increase in organizational data maturity or ROI. Whether you are a Chief Data Officer, Head of Data Governance or Regulatory Compliance Officer, your most challenging aspects of effective data governance generally include:

Is the data that we have fit for purpose?

Solidatus builds end-to-end understanding faster than any platform available through fully documented lineage. Certainty of appropriate data origination can be obtained confirming only these data sources are being used, reducing or eliminating time-consuming reconciliations. It also empowers system owners to enforce service level agreements from data providers, ensuring that the data they receive is fit for purpose.

Can we accurately evidence and report to organizational stakeholders, including management, customers and regulators?

Solidatus enables organizations to quickly and sustainably catalog, classify and assess their data estate. Providing a real time view of compliance both internally to policy, and externally to regulation, as well as providing a forward planning platform to manage organizational transformation.

Can we maintain control as change happens?

Built from the ground up as a collaborative, flexible, audited, work flowed change-management platform, Solidatus tracks all change revisions, the people responsible for the change and allows users to see differences between revisions over time. Users can discover, map, augment and validate models more rapidly and can share interactive live data views with appropriate SMEs within their organization.

We have already invested in other data management software, which isn’t delivering all our needs, do we need to rip and replace?

Solidatus is technology-agnostic and can leverage existing software. It provides multiple connectors, importers and an open API to ingest and catalog metadata from multiple sources, helping to create and combine reusable building blocks to deliver end-to-end data supply chains to solve multiple business challenges.

Solidatus empowers organizations to design and implement operationally-efficient and business-enabling data governance. It provides a rapid return on investment through enterprise-wide alignment, reducing costs and improving efficiency while demonstrating control.

Why Solidatus

Early success

Federate data lineage to system owners, automate using connectors, integrate legacy systems with our open API, and get early business benefits and fast ROI with end-to-end critical data element flows.

Sustainable, organization-wide clarity

Achieve organization-wide definition and use of common business terms and other data classifications. Integrated data lineage, metadata and glossary make analysis, search and remediation simple and fast – helping users with different contexts find common understanding.

Business knowledge acquisition

Business knowledge combined with data lineage enables faster identification of correct data, impact analysis, and gaps in report coverage, meaning organizations can trust their data and ultimately make better decisions.

Fully audited and comprehensive change management

Uniquely, we combine visualization of lineage with the metadata catalog that describes the data at rest and in motion, over time providing comprehension and consistency of understanding across the entire organization.

A powerful data lineage/graph database product with an open API for integrations

“The Solidatus team have built a fantastic product backed with outstanding service – both from a sales/support perspective but also from a technical perspective. Access to technical resources to offer guidance and advice and to help resolve issues has been first class.”

Gartner review, finance industry

Best in class

“Solidatus was implemented as a firmwide data lineage/data flow solution to provide data traceability on the attribute level, including data transformations. Solidatus provided support throughout implementation and worked closely with us to implement all necessary application enhancements. Solidatus is the best data lineage solution in the market.”

Gartner review, finance industry

Power API, great visualization, powerful search – very happy with the product

“Solidatus has helped us created lineage through our production datasets. It exposes a powerful API to help us update our dependency graphs and visualizes our complex and busy dependencies in a clean and searchable fashion. We are very pleased with the product.”

Gartner review, finance industry

Solidatus enables visualization of complex data integration flows

Global pharmaceutical organization uses Solidatus to improve transparency
of interactions and dependencies for all process actors,
reconciling multiple layers in the same place.

Start getting value from your data


Solidatus unlocks the true business value behind data. A lineage-first approach enables organizations to connect and visualize data relationships across the enterprise, simplifying how they identify, access and understand them. With a reimagined, sustainable data foundation in place, organizations can mine actionable intelligence and solve complex problems to deliver transformational business results.

Solidatus is a member of the EDM Council.

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