From transforming your data governance to achieving regulatory compliance, find out more about the benefits Solidatus can provide in our factsheets.

Summary: Solidatus

Solidatus’ simple, intuitive and flexible web-based application allows organizations to rapidly discover, visualize and understand how data flows through their systems.

Case study overview

Solidatus empowers enterprises to accelerate understanding and optimization of data and processes. Find out how we’re helping organizations in financial services, healthcare, retail and utilities in this case study overview.

Cloud data management

Solidatus is the only visual solution that meets the demands of a complete cloud migration. By dynamically mapping a company’s data in motion, Solidatus provides the blueprint needed for successful cloud migration.

Features overview: From complexity to clarity

Solidatus provides a best-in-class data lineage, data catalog and data governance solution. It encourages collaboration, crowdsourcing and analysis from both a business and technical user level.

Data Privacy: Unlock its true value

With Solidatus, compliance expenditure isn’t narrowly constrained and can, instead, be transformative – an opportunity to elevate and transform an organisation’s data capabilities.

Data governance: Achieving early success

Solidatus empowers organizations to design and implement operationally efficient and business-enabling data governance. Access, control and trust your data.

Financial Crime: Prevention and detection

End financial crime by understanding your data. Solidatus revives stagnant AML and KYC processes, breaking down silos and creating a dynamic environment which allows instant identification of key data alterations.

Healthcare: Navigating its complex data landscape

Solidatus enables healthcare firms to garner stronger insights to boost decision-making through more connected, powerful data that improves outcomes while also complying with privacy regulations.

Regulatory compliance: Understand, automate and comply

Take a proactive approach to regulatory compliance. With Solidatus, organizations can quickly understand their data, its origins and impacts to reduce cost and de-risk compliance.

Solidatus and Snowflake partnership

Enhance Snowflake’s data governance with Solidatus, adding new levels of context and visualization, and giving more control and understanding of how data is used across your organization.

BCBS 239

Banks require their risk data reporting platforms to be built with their business needs in mind – they need to be user-friendly, adaptable, accurate and fast in delivering reporting.


Firms need to ensure that they have sound processes for review, challenge, and aggregation of estimates used in their capital planning processes. How will you defend the soundness of your estimate aggregations?

Regulating ESG

Solidatus’ ground-breaking lineage-first approach brings together ESG principles, company priorities, assessment methodologies and data sources and metrics to give a full end-to-end picture of the impact of ESG initiatives.


GDPR was designed to give back control of personal data to the individual while defining a clear set of rules on data protection for European Citizens. All organizations that process personal data of EU citizens must also comply.


Solidatus reduces the time and cost involved in managing HIPAA requirements and provides a clear understanding of the impacts on organizations, the shared responsibilities and promotes enterprise best practice and change.

IBOR transformation

The first challenge of IBOR transformation is to identify preferred alternatives. There are many, and not all are consistent. Where identified, the focus has been on technical aspects and the repapering of contracts.


IFRS 17 is the biggest change to insurance accounting compliance this century. It requires a substantial transformation in business process and data flows to meet the new accounting standards.


Organizational compliance to the new Brazilian general data protection law, Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados, is costly and complex. The legal framework protecting the use of personal information applies to all organizations holding this data.

MAS 610/1003

These updates will see reporting obligations grow from 4,000 data points to more than 300,000 across 260 pages in 67 reports. Solidatus offers the potential to turn this regulatory requirement into an operational asset.


Solidatus provides a demonstrable compliance with cloud storage regulations, the right to Access and Correction, in addition to both DNC and NRIC legislation by understanding the flow and location of data.


As regulations tighten, organizations can no longer view compliance as a ‘tick box’ exercise, and are finding ways to encourage staff to take personal responsibility, improve conduct at all levels and ensure they clearly understand their legal obligations.

See Solidatus in action


Solidatus unlocks the true business value behind data. A lineage-first approach enables organizations to connect and visualize data relationships across the enterprise, simplifying how they identify, access and understand them. With a reimagined, sustainable data foundation in place, organizations can mine actionable intelligence and solve complex problems to deliver transformational business results.

Solidatus is a member of the EDM Council.

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