Whitepapers, reports and handbooks

Take an in depth look at the challenges facing data-rich and regulated organizations today. Discover how Solidatus can help turn those challenges into opportunities.


Moving to and within the cloud

Download this whitepaper for essential advice and guidance on moving to the cloud and succeeding once you’re there. Plus, we discuss regulatory considerations, how to get started, and include a handy pre-migration checklist.

ESG: Practical data strategies for meeting ESG obligations in financial services

Download this whitepaper to find out about the ESG investing landscape, how to build a successful ESG program, and the benefits of a ‘lineage-first’ compliance solution.

BCBS 239: A solution to the compliance challenge

Platforms should user-friendly, adaptable, accurate and fast in delivering reporting. We explain the BCBS 239 Principles that aim to fix risk management failings in systematically important banks by improving accuracy and speed of risk reporting.

Data cataloging: Define, classify, locate and maximize the value of your data

Data Catalogs allow business and technology users to speak the same language by linking Business Glossaries, Data Dictionaries and Data Lineage models together.

Data protection by design and default

GDPR ushered in a new era for the protection of personal data from organizations misusing it. It forced organizations take pause and assess their management of personal data, its use, access, location and purpose.

SMCR: Empowering ownership, accountability and governance

It is reasonable that senior management should take responsibility for decisions made in their areas of accountability. High-profile corporate failures, however, have prompted new senior management accountability regulations to be brought into force globally.

Reports and handbooks

A-Team ESG handbook 2021

We’ve worked with A-Team to put together this new Handbook covering all elements of ESG, from a definition, to existing and emerging regulations, data challenges and solutions, regulatory reporting requirements, industry initiatives, and the call for global and consistent standards for sustainability reporting.

FIMA Report: Data as a strategic growth asset in 2021

Containing answers and insights from 100 Chief Data Officers from buy-side and sell-side firms globally, find out the challenges faced in 2021 and the solutions being put in place to help organizations unlock the value of their data.

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Solidatus unlocks the true business value behind data. A lineage-first approach enables organizations to connect and visualize data relationships across the enterprise, simplifying how they identify, access and understand them. With a reimagined, sustainable data foundation in place, organizations can mine actionable intelligence and solve complex problems to deliver transformational business results.

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